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In article <1991Jul19.144438.26600@apollo.hp.com> stave@frost.apollo.hp.com (Joel H. Stave) writes: > >What's an "E meter"? How do they work?

It's a not-particularly-accurate skin galvinization polygraph (or, in this case, "monograph" would be more accurate, since it's only measuring one thing). The theory is that the auditor (who is using the E-meter on the PC [Pre-Clear, one who is getting auditing, although I've heard the term used for people who are getting more auditing after being Cleared]) can find areas that have significant charge associated with them, and by discovering the reasons for the charge, eliminate the engrams associated with them.

They're pretty easy to fool by tensing the muscles in the hand (it connects up by standard ol' tin cans held in the hands). -- -- Christophe

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