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my brother has been a scientologists for over 20 years. my sister and brother-in-law were involved for a few years, but quit (and NEVER got the money they 'donated' back, you need to 'donate' money in order to receive their counselling). my brother got involved out west, in las vegas. he worked his ass of for the church and was so poor he lived with 7 other scientologists in a four bedroom house. he married a scientologist also. the article in Time magazine was very good. basically, they believe that there are bad experiences in your life that prevent you from attaining your full potential. these experiences can be prenatal and from previous lives. a prenatal example; your mother is pregnant with you, a dog attacks her, you are afraid of dogs the rest of your life and are unable to get a job as a dog groomer because you are petrified by them. for mucho bucks, i mean a modest donation, someone will attach you to an e-meter, which you have to buy, and audit you and 'clear' you of these bad experiences. the e-meter is a lie-detector type of instrument. when my brother first joined, he told us of his initial sessions. he was given 'truth serum', i forget the exact name, so that he wouldn't hide anything from them (like how much money he has, or had). it's no wonder he was so amazed by them, they knew everything about him and how to control him. he never came back east, but remained in las vegas and moved on to los angeles. it seemed that all the scientologists from l.a. were from the east, and all the ones in clearwater, fla. (their other major center) are from the west, they don't like you being too near your family. it's amazing how much money he has given them, he is constantly broke and every few years calls good old mom for a few k which he never repays. 60 minutes did a spot on them about 10 years ago, my brother called a few minutes before it started and spoke to my father on the phone the entire time the piece was on. how did he know we were all poised in front of the tv? he once told me, wide eyed, how l ron was pronounced dead more than once and miraculously came back to life (big deal, they do it everyday in hospitals). sorry for rambling so, but i have a zillion stories like that. scientology is a crock of shit, in mho.


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