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In article <55144@apple.Apple.COM> cep@Apple.COM (Christopher Pettus) writes: >In article <1991Jul19.144438.26600@apollo.hp.com> stave@frost.apollo.hp.com (Joel H. Stave) writes: >>What's an "E meter"? How do they work? > > [Pretty good description deleted] > >They're pretty easy to fool by tensing the muscles in the hand (it >connects up by standard ol' tin cans held in the hands).

Yes, you CAN fool them that way. Part of auditor training involves learning how to tell the difference between reads caused by engram stimulation and by muscle movements. The E-Meter cannot be used for interrogating someone against their will. If a person does not want to be audited, they can't be audited. That oughta cheer you up, huh? :)

Incidentally, someone a few articles back mentioned that they met two Scientologists and found them to be as screwed up in the head as any other religious devotee. You cannot generalize an entire religion from two people. Deciding that one is a Scientologist does not automatically make you a better person. (Unlike becoming a Jehovah's Witness. ;-) (That was not indended to be a flame, it's an assertion I found in their own literature.) I've also found out (the hard way) that org quality VARIES WIDELY. I started at the Buenaventura Mission in Ventura, CA (an excellent place!) and after returning to college in San Diego, decided to work for the San Diego org (BIG MISTAKE!) It's too bad I live in San Diego now because I'd much rather go to the Ventura mission. So if you've had a bad experience at an org, don't condemn the entire religion.

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