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In article <17115@life.ai.mit.edu> whatis@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) writes: >In article <cf7l=3Dwb@rpi.edu> jimcat@operators.its.rpi.edu (Jim Kasprzak) writes: >> By late in his life, Hubbard was even believing some of the >> more fantastic tales he'd told about himself - for example, he sent a >> letter to the US Navy requesting that they send him the medals he >> claimed to have earned during the Second World War, almost all of which >> he'd never actually been given. (The Navy was not fooled.) > >LRH did a lot of top secret work and had two files: the real one, >kept very safe, and the "sheep dip" one, which was a fake one made >to cover up the existence of the real one. Hoo hah! Just the sort of answer LRH himself would have given. Obviously the Church of Scientology is carrying on quite well in the spirit of its founder. ------------------------------------------------------------------ __ Live from Capitaland, heart of the Empire State... ___/ | Jim Kasprzak, computer operator @ RPI, Troy, NY, USA /____ *| Disclaimer: RPI pays me to work, not to think. \_| "A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission" -Rush =3D=3D=3D=3D e-mail: jimcat@rpi.edu or kasprzak@mts.rpi.edu

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