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In article <895lt=3Dp@rpi.edu> eagle@aix01.aix.rpi.edu (Kirk M Adams) writes: >How many of you have read the story done by Time Magizine? they wrote some >interesting stuff there, and the letters section for the next few issues >was fun to read to. > >Howver, as funney as alot of scientology seems, there is a side to it that >seems to be down right scary if the Time article is correct. If you havent >read it, do so, it gave me the willies. > >IMHO, some of these people are best avoided unless you have money to burn >on legal defense as they seem to. (And perhapse a little more than legal >defense if the article is correct). It has been said several times that Time magazine is written at the eighth grade level. I can now see why. That's how they keep all THEIR believers. Did it seem a little *bias* to you? Or didn't you notice? With so many people involved in Scientology don't you think they could have found at least one person to say something nice about it? Or are you normally not that interested in the truth but rather sensational reading material?

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