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Subject: This engram stuff smacks of original sin.
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Date: 20 Jul 91 22:59:12 GMT
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I read the first section of Diantetics a few weeks back while visiting relatives. The book, by the way, was obviously UNread at the time.

I forget the name of the section, if it had one, but to sum it up, it might be named 'People are inherently flawed.'

This idea that people suck and need 'fixing' in not new, of course. REligions often throw an original sin kinda crap inthe works. How often is something like 'Youare lost without <<name it>>, and need <<name it>> to become GOOD and <<name it>>.

...,heard in zealous 'literature?' Hm?

But people are fine. I know L. Ron would think so, in the they at least couldn't help themselves. This 'engram' BS seems to simply be a pervertion of natural law .


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