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>>>>> On 20 Jul 91 19:10:43 GMT,whatis@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) >>>>> whose comments are cited by "W> ".

W> In article <cf7l=3Dwb@rpi.edu> jimcat@operators.its.rpi.edu (Jim Kasprzak) writes: > - As far as L. Ron Hubbard was concerned, the primary purpose of > Scientology and Dianetics was to make money for Hubbard. Whether > or not he actualy made the infamous bet with another author about > founding a new religion (no mention of this is made in the book, > which seemed quite thorough in its research, so I'm more inclined > to think that the bet story was apocryphal), there is no doubt > that the whole thing was a money-making scheme.

W> I worked for the Church for 5 months. It is NOT a money-making scheme. W> I was hardly paid at all. That's the main reason I left; otherwise I W> enjoyed working there. They are the most dedicated people I have ever W> met in my life. Calling them a money-making scheme is close to an W> outrage. The original quote was not saying that. It was saying that it was CREATED as a money-making scheme AS FAR AS HUBBARD WAS CONCERNED. What it is NOW for the majority of the people involved may be quite different. And as for the theory that it is still a money-making scheme for those in the UPPER echelons, your own experience of being "hardly paid at all" would seem to strongly SUPPORT that.

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