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In article <J71a66w164w@cellar.UUCP> revpk@cellar.UUCP (Brian 'Rev P-K' Siano) writes: > > >3. "The Scandal of Scientology" is impossible to get, mainly because >Scientologists were apparently told to grab and destroy any copies they came >across. I haven't found a copy yet-- all I can say is that, if the Church was >motivated to destroy Paulette Cooper's life, it must have a few interesting >insights.

A VERY good book..A must read,in my opinion..If you can get ahold of it.

> >5. "A Piece of Blue Sky" is a book written by an ex-Scientologist. >Haven't found a copy yet, but at least it's still in print.

Saw this not long ago in independent bookstore...don't think the major chains would carry it..but they would be more than happy to order it. I leafed through it and found it a good read :-) > By the way, leaving the Church may not be so difficult-- a friend of >mine who is an ex-Scientologist said that all he did was tell the auditors >that he had to find his path elsewhere, or somesuch. Hasn't been bothered >yet.

You could always do what I did...simply "blew"..which means, you walk away. I *used* to have my old comm-ev order (written of course on gold paper), before I blew..I had gotten into some trouble and I was getting "keel-hauled" up before a committee (comm-ev'ed). I was a Sea Org member at the time and was working at ASHO-PUBS (PUBS) before they moved into the "Annex" (which I presume they are still at). This was in El Lay in 1975. I had been with them about a year and had my "million-year" contract all made up (er..was it a "billion" year). My "crime" to be comm-ev'ed?? I was working as the shipping manager at PUBS and was totally overwhelmed by it all..not only did I not have any help, but I was expected to maintain my "stats" and keep up the product flow going out. I used to "fudge"when the ole' "stat push" came up every friday and see how many E-Meters I could ship out before 3:00..back then E-Meters were a tad over $1200 each..it was expected that you could maintain your "stats" or you you risked losing what LITTLE money that they "allowed" you to hav every friday afternoon. Whoppee! I got a whole $10 for all my efforts during the week. Mind you, being in the Sea Org was the ELITE branch of "Rip-off-ology"..you were like a SLAVE..God..I'm glad I wised up and got the fuck out of it! But when you're young and naive.... BTW...I remember that I could trade off my study time in the afternoon for some really buzzed out sessions with the 'cans...At that time (1975), you could walk across the street from PUBS (which was in a 2 story dumpy looking building) to ASHO...and ASHO was a big building. I remember going into the Hollywood Org building and seeing ElRon's desk with his obligatory KOOL cigs sitting on there..the staff members venerated his office like a SHRINE. Now..you could go to the really NICE Celebrity Center (which is where I got my HAS training) and I once saw Chick Corea and Karen Black in there...of course..this was uptown Hollywood and anything's possible. I had the biggest chuckle a few weeks ago...I saw Heber Jensch on Larry King Live! and he's *still* an asshole :-) I once saw an OTIII X level staff member get mad...and look at a phone and it went flying across the room....by itself :-) Tell your friend, that if he *does* get called up (because they WON'T give up..they just play it cool for a while and then try and contact him, which is standard policy)...when they DO try and contact him..tell him to stand his ground and maintain a 2.6 tone scale..they will get the message and let him alone after a while. I once saw Quentin Hubbard at a function (Elron's son) ...but there was a nasty rumour that went on for weeks that he had been killed..by some other members...never did find out if it was true or not. Don

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