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In article <34456@usc.edu> lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu (Leny Freeman) writes: >In Scientology something is true for you if you observe it for >yourself. That is one of the basic tenets.

And this is not Science. Science is public and what you're talking about is private experience.

Another experiment: Please reiterate any of the claims regarding the benefits of Dianetics. Considering these claims to be hypotheses about the effects of Dianetics, I ask that they be testable, verifiable, most importantly, that they be hypotheses which could be contradicted by some evidence if, in fact, they were not true. (That Dianetics improves vision is a good one but we know how that one turned out)

For each claim answer, "What evidence would prove to you that the claim is false". If you can't answer this I can only conclude that you are interested in something other than the question of the truthfulness of the claim.

(Anticipating your response) It is immaterial whether I am, or am not, skeptical about these claims. Unless "bad vibes" will ruin the experiment.

The tenet Leny mentions seems to me a cop-out. It avoids any serious investigation by saying "If you find the claims to be false then they are false for you". No duh.


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