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In article <yl7lqqc@rpi.edu> jimcat@printroom.its.rpi.edu (Jim Kasprzak) writes: > Hubbard founded Scientology to put money in _his_ bank accounts, not >those of everyone in the Church. Now that Hubbard's gone, it's the >people at the top of the Church organization who are reaping the benefits. >As you yourself have testified, there's not much trickle-down to the >rank-and-file Church workers.

I was the Director of Inspections and Reports, and I know exactly where the money was going. The org buys its materials from the higher orgs and then sells them, it sends its auditors to higher orgs for training and must pay for them, there's rent, utilities, etc. Like I said before, I can back up my claims with personal experience, rather than innuendo. Can you?

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