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In article <Pqw#Wp_@engin.umich.edu> ldoering@caen.engin.umich.edu (Laurence Doering) writes:

>One small problem: wasn't L. Ron *dead* by 1988?

Yeah, right. He died, and *then* wrote _Dianetics_ and the dekalogy.

I don't think anybody seriously believes he's dead. He supposedly faked his death for tax reasons. (Having spent some time working for a lawyer in estate law, I can understand why. Estates get a good tax setup.)

There's a filk song called "L. Ron Ron Ron" (to the tune of "Do Run Run Run") that starts out "He keeps on writing novels though his life is through"--unfortunately, I seem to have lost the file.

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Not that I see anything wrong with these views! No, sir! I don't even *have* a sock drawer! --Dave Barry

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