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In article <7335@husc6.harvard.edu> adam@endor.uucp (Adam Shostack) writes: >In article <55145@apple.Apple.COM> cep@Apple.COM (Christopher Pettus) writes: >>In article <5043@borg.cs.unc.edu> averett@hatteras.cs.unc.edu (Shava Averett) writes: >[stuff deleted] > >Charles Manson was (amongst other things) a Scientologist, and OT-9. >So the OT-8 would flunk slightly worse than Manson. >

Charles Manson was never a Scientologist. The author of Helter skelter admitted that he just added that in there when confronted by church attorneys. Also OT-9 hasn't even been released yet and OT-8 has only been out for 3 years. Go tell your lies to another news group.

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