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In article <1991Jul20.191516.7091@athena.mit.edu>, sethg@athena.mit.edu (Seth A. Gordon) writes: [ ... my comments deleted - goal of Scientology is "total freedom"... ] > What is "total freedom"? What behavior or attitudes distinguish a > totally free person from a not-so-totally free person or a totally > unfree person?

"Total freedom" refers to that phenomenon where a person is completely in charge of their MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, and Time) universe. They are unhindered by the baggage of engrams and their theta is in complete control of their being. A person with "total freedom" would tend to be very successful in every endeavor, would never be "down", and would have a very good outlook towards life in general. Totally unfree people would be completely withdrawn from everything, including themselves. There is obviously a very wide range of behavior in between...

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