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I have been in Scientology for more than 5 years and am active at this time. I work part time at the Mountain View Org [Org=3D=3DOrganization which is a Church that can train auditors up to a certain level and audit people up to that same level.] I'm also a full time engineer / computer consultant. I work there to be with a devoted group of people whose goals are to really help others.

I've had over 100 hours of auditing, and it was VERY inexpensive. Something along the lines of paying $3000.00 for a new Lotus. This isn't really fair, because the Lotus will wear out, and the results of my auditing 5 years ago are just as helpful now as then. "Expensive" really depends on how valuable YOU think something is. Here in the Palo Alto area a $200K house is cheap, back in Virginia where my parents life there are no houses for more than about $150K (unless you get a lot of acreage). Why do you care how much something costs, as long as you feel you got the good end of the deal, and you are buying something you want?


My first experience with the E-meter was receiving auditing. I had my doubts about how it worked, and looked up whetstone bridges and read the manuals about using one (E-Meter) and still doubted that it worked. Then, in session, my auditor asked me a question and I was sure the answer was "no". He asked me to look again, and the answer was still "no". He then asked me the question again and there was a glimmer of something. Then he did what is called "steering," which involves saying "there" or "what was that" or something like that when the meter shows a certain reading. Well, within 3 minutes he steered me right into a problem I had had as a child. 10 minutes later I had discovered why I HAD BEEN (until that moment) afraid of certain things. It was unbelievable (that is, except for the fact that I no longer had any fear in this area I really couldn't believe that it was that easy).

In both college and graduate school I dated psychology majors. In many discussions with them, I NEVER heard of anything that could reliably and consistently help someone. Sure, talking to a therapist can help relieve some of the upset, but until you confront EXACTLY what went on the charge won't go away. In my experience, the E-meter was used to locate all of those pesky details that I really didn't want to remember. I know people who have learned to live with upsets, losses and fears after going to a counselor. I also know a lot of people who, through auditing, have had the emotional/spiritual charge erased so that they can once again work and deal comfortably in that area.

The real danger here is that I let too much of my enthusiasm show and get labeled a fanatic. I have some first hand experience of some things that would come close to being called miracles. I've many stories from others (whom I trust) that are equally amazing.

I suggest that if you are really looking for something to help you increase your abilities and better deal with life that you investigate further. If you are happy with the way you are, great! If you just want something to flame about, why not pick something that isn't aimed at helping people (whether or not you believe Scientology works).

I will try to answer questions as I can. Please send email to


David H. Elrod

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