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In article <1991Jul22.175707.17047@cadence.com>, deej@cds8613.Cadence.COM (Jim Howard) writes: > In article <tiff.679946085@oahu>, tiff@oahu.cs.ucla.edu (Tiffany > Frazier) writes: > > [Scientology creed posted by myself deleted...] > >> I know *nothing* about Scientology, but I carefully read each of these >> "tenets" (if that is the appropriate word?)... and noted a curious lack >> of mention of the female half of the population? Why is "sex" not included >> in the first tenet? It seems to me that these tenets, as written, pointedly >> exclude women. >> -- >> tiff@cs.ucla.edu >> !{rutgers, ucbvax}!ucla-cs!tiff > > In much the same way that historic American documents say "man", > this similarly REALLY means "mankind". Women have the same > rights as men within Scientology.

But the fact is that the Constitution DOES HAVE Amendments stating that women have equality in society, whilst Scientology does not specifically state this. L. Ron Hubbard was a "great man" to Scientologists; since many other "great man" religions are also suppressive to women (see Islam, Christianity, Judaism, for a few examples), and since the basic creed does not specifically mention women, how can we assume that women are treated equally?

> Sex IS mentioned ( "...inalienable rights to the creation of their own > kind"), and I don't believe this was intended to be a prioritized list of > any kind (it would probably be numbered if that were the case). >

Sex is mentioned in the tenets, but under the same wording as many other religions which frown on pre-marriage sex, adulterous sex, free love, etc. Is sex good only for reproduction, or are the partners permitted to enjoy themselves too?

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