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lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu (Leny Freeman) writes:

>In article <34518@usc.edu> ongg@corona.hsc.usc.edu (Jay Ongg) writes:

>>Is it true that in scientology, the ultimate enlightenment is to >>find out that L. Ron Hubbard is God? Has any scientologist on this >>net paid enough money to find out?

>The above information is pure bullshit invented by TIME magazine. L. >Ron Hubbard was only a man. Born, ate, shit, slept and died like >anybody else. He is not worshipped in the church just admired.

Anyone who starts his own religion on a bet with other SF authors is a man to be admired. And churns out novels posthumously... But hey, those are just UL's right? And how about those $3500 ohmmeters anyway? Somebody at Fluke should get a clue.

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