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Addressing some questions which have been asked.

Scientology - scio meaning knowledge, ology meaning study of; thus: study of knowledge. One thought on how that gets around to religion is that the source of knowledge is based in the spiritual rather than the material. More common definition: an applied religious philosophy or workable religious philosophy.

E-meter - remotely decended from the GSR, Galvanic Skin Response device and a distant cousin of the ohmmeter or resistance measuring device. Original theory of GSR was that it measured the skin resistance and that variations were a measure of moisture and salinity (saltiness). The E-meter, or electropsychometer, however works around the skin factors and measures the density(resistance) of the body circuit between the hand held electrodes. It is also super sensitive in magnitude of change and rate of change (time factor). Theoretically, ones thought, to greater or lesser degree, affects the body and can thus be measured. Heavier or rather more mentally or emotionally weighted thoughts have a bigger influence. Changes observable on the meter in counseling are not explainable by GSR theory - you may study up on this and experiment until you are satisfied one way or the other. The correct use of an E-meter is not a trivial task - there are over 20 drills or practical exercises done to become familiar with the usage and with the influence of physical (hands) factors and other body factors as well as the thought factors.


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