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Subject: Sea Org and Celebrities (was Books about Scientology)
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Date: 24 Jul 91 01:59:34 GMT
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In article <1991Jul21.051457.11884@bilver.uucp> dona@bilver.uucp (Don Allen) writes: >Whoppee! I got a whole $10 for all my efforts during the week. Mind you, >being in the Sea Org was the ELITE branch of "Rip-off-ology"..you were >like a SLAVE..God..I'm glad I wised up and got the fuck out of it!

Why, may I ask, did you join the Sea Org? I'd really like to know. Was it not made clear to you that there would be hard work and little pay? It was made clear to me... I underestimated it, but that's my own screwup, not theirs. Also, unless my memory is wrong, you admitted to falsifying your stats in order to get more pay. Doesn't this sort of kill your credibility?

Incidentally, to whoever it was that thought all the money went to the higher orgs and into the pockets of the elite, here we have someone who was in the Sea Org and it looks like he got paid as poorly as I did at the San Diego org. Besides, wouldn't such unethical business practices prevent the Church from almost doubling in size last year? If the money was going into private pockets and not into expansion, it couldn't have grown.

One more thing... there are numerous celebrities that don't keep their membership in the Church a secret. Witness John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Karen Black, Sonny Bono, Nancy Cartwright, Edgar Winter, Billy Sheehan, and Chick Corea. (There are a lot of other artists that are Scientologists, but they're in areas like ballet and so forth, so I'm not familiar with them.) I've read that John Travolta is OT III and has been a Scientologist for about 18 years, and Billy Sheehan is Clear -- therefore they're not newcomers. AND they're in the public eye! How does this jibe with your personal "cult" theory?

Reasoned responses welcome. Flames to alt.prejudice.

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