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In article <18484@scorn.sco.COM> jondr@fscott.UUCP (Dances With Voles) writes: >How about the "fair game" rule? Any "suppressive person" (one whose >interests run counter to Scientology) may be lied to, tricked, sued or >destroyed. Sound familiar?

Fair game rule was repealed in the mid-1970s, although the fact it existed at all gives the Church a lot to answer for.

>Except that SPs (Suppressive Persons) are not "people" and thus not "his own >kind" and exempt from this treatment, of course.

Sorry, not anymore. Now, the only thing you can do is that required to keep the SP from S-ing you, and is pretty much limited by what's in the Creed. Still, the fact that the Church ever believed this is a pretty strong condemnation of the problems with doctrine. -- -- Christophe

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