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In article <1991Jul24.021125.714438@locus.com> eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes: >E-meter - remotely decended from the GSR, Galvanic Skin Response device >and a distant cousin of the ohmmeter or resistance measuring device. >Original theory of GSR was that it measured the skin resistance and that >variations were a measure of moisture and salinity (saltiness). >The E-meter, or electropsychometer, however works around the skin >factors and measures the density(resistance) of the body circuit >between the hand held electrodes. It is also super sensitive in >magnitude of change and rate of change (time factor).

The problem is that there is NO electronics in the E-Meter to do any of this, except to measure resistance. I've taken two apart; there's nothing in them except the parts needed to be an ohmmeter and some junk that is presumably set dressing (resistors in series, parts not connected to anything, etc.). -- -- Christophe

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