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(Sorry, I managed to lose the asker in this one -- I think it was Leny, but I could be wrong.)

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>What does Scientology say about ghosts?

Officially? Haven't the foggiest. From anecdotes told from my mom? (Mother's credentials: Been a Scientologist since she was about 18; worked at the Saint Hill [alert -- my memory is *not* sure on that name right now] mission (later Church) with Ron; other stuff that's not important.)

As far as I would say, a ghost is a thetan/soul/spirit/entity-more-than- physical who is *not* "running" a body, for whatever reason. A poltergeist (assuming a hostile/mischievious spirit, rather than a disturbed telekinetic or whatever) is an entity that has the ability to affect the physical world. My mother has related her experiences in England (St. Hill), and that house was full of hot & cold running ghosts! Including one malicious one that they "exorcised."

As far as my own experiences go, I can recall "sensing" (I *hate* that vague term!) two ghosts -- one might have been mostly a kid's delusion, the other could be explained by odd "brain-tricks" similar to deja vu. In the second case (a cat with cancer who was "put to sleep"* and who was still in the kitchen, in my firm opinion), I am a *lot* more sure of my perceptions.

* another vague term, but I don't think I can spell "euthanized" <see?>, and killed has other connotations.

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