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No one yet knows why revpk@cellar.UUCP (Brian 'Rev P-K' Siano) said: >5. "A Piece of Blue Sky" is a book written by an ex-Scientologist. >Haven't found a copy yet, but at least it's still in print.

Author: Jon Atack. Publisher: Lyle Stuart. I can get full details for those want them. It's easily the best I've read, and I've read two or three of the others on your list.

> By the way, leaving the Church may not be so difficult-- a friend of >mine who is an ex-Scientologist said that all he did was tell the auditors >that he had to find his path elsewhere, or somesuch. Hasn't been bothered >yet.

This is very atypical. Presumably they thought there wasn't much contribution he could make (ie: he didn't have a lot of $$)

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