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>Dear Scientologists,

>Can I be a member of your church and become a full fledged >Scientologist without contributing any money, *I* don't see any reason why not. 'Course, you really *ought* to at least buy _Dianetics_, since I bet the library would frown on you checking it out at odd times of the night or stealing it.

>and without discontinuing any of my present >activities and relationships? Well, that one depends. If you're a serial-killer in your spare time, that could be a bit hard to explain. If you keep a harem (even a totally consensual one) you might have some troubles, since "We Don't Want The Masses To Think We're *All* Like That." Frankly, I think that the same logic should be applied to some fanatics, but... However, as the system of the religion seems to have been set up by a type-A personality, there are going to be some fanatics/gung-ho sorts who will try many different ways to talk you into signing up for a course, which is gonna cost some amount of money. Practice saying "no" politely. Recycle the flyers that you will be sent. :-) >It's possible I could make contributions of a less tangible kind, for >example, becoming a better person and a more positive element of the >world, providing a good example of a Scientologist and how to live >properly, giving assistance to those who seek help and gratification >to those who help me. Yep. It's even likely, if you use what you get out of _Dianetics_ and the various free meetings that Austin, at least, has. Explain this to the fanatics. I don't promise they'll listen, but some might. (Find a friend who *is* buying the books, and has the various literature, and read it if you can. At the *very* least, you ought to be able to use the right "jargon" (:-) ) at the fanatics.) >I would prefer if only Scientologists posted responses. Thanks, I've been one all my life, though I've mostly absorbed stuff through my gills :-) rather than "learned" it from the books.

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