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From: dmr@roadkill.Stanford.EDU (Daniel M. Rosenberg) Message-ID: <1991Jul24.060051.23070@Csli.Stanford.EDU>

>[various books/people] finding [E-meters] filled with:

>o Random electronic parts, most all *not* connected. >o Wires going nowhere. >o Many lights, some connected. >o What looks a lot like an ohmmeter.

>... can we get the specs for this machine? Even if we don't how >precisely it works, can someone post the basic theory behind it? How it >gets "around" GSR? The schematic? The general principle?

Tell ya what -- my mom is bringing her (vaguely obsolete, supposedly) E-Meter up to my wedding. I'll ask her if my engineer-finace' can take it apart, and assuming she says yes, I'll post the findings to the net some-time mid-to-late August. My finace' is not, never has been, and has little expectation of being a Scientologist. (He thinks it's just an ohmmeter too.) That sound okay? (Hey, I'm curious too! I'd like to know what's in an E-meter's guts.)

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