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>In article <29880@uflorida.cis.ufl.EDU>, dirkct@pine.circa.ufl.edu >(TERRELL) writes: >> Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. By "psi" I >> meant paranormal phenomena such as ESP, remote viewing, >> telekinesis, etc. What does scientology have to say about these >> things?

>> These are all powers of the "theta" - powers that in many of us >>have been "lost" or at least greatly supressed. The theta, in its >>purest form, has great power over the MEST universe (Matter, >>Energy, Space and Time).

>How the hell can you believe this stuff? Well, how in blazes can you *not*? :-) Now, you will notice that I do *not* accuse you of being "too scared of your own potential," "a rabid fundie," or even an "EvilSupressivePerson." Merely a less-than-tolerant/polite cynic. Is it wrong for people to believe in "Really Neat Powers" <tm> as being accessable in this life as opposed to Heaven/Val Halla/Hades in the next? Please, unless you have some definitive proof that I'm wrong, leave me my delusions if they make me happy. 'Tis mean-spirited to do otherwise.

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