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In article <1991Jul24.060051.23070@Csli.Stanford.EDU>, dmr@roadkill.Stanford.EDU (Daniel M. Rosenberg) writes:

> eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes: > A neat thumb-through to be sure. Perhaps just an unreasonable, bigoted > attack by a pissed-off person who couldn't handle the true whatever; HOWEVER, > this and a few of the other 72 books retrieved in my search cite several > different stories of outsiders getting their hands on E-meters and taking > them apart, and finding them filled with: > > o Random electronic parts, most all *not* connected. > o Wires going nowhere. > o Many lights, some connected. > o What looks a lot like an ohmmeter. > If this is *not* true (and it may not be true; it could all be persecution, > truly) then can we get the specs for this machine? Even if we don't how > precisely it works, can someone post the basic theory behind it? How it > gets "around" GSR? The schematic? The general principle? > > Because I don't believe you. I think it's a crock, because you make > it sound like a crock.

A true religion instructed to make the population of the Earth happy would *for free* distribute the wiring diagrams for this E-meter. Anyway a happy electronics hobbyist should not have problems to put this together.


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