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My e-mail response bounced, so I'm posting it. This applies to the general discussion anyway...

>>>>> On Wed, 24 Jul 91 13:49:22 CDT,goff@grummie.navo.navy.mil (Victoria Goff) >>>>> whose comments are cited by "V> ".

V> In article <RBNSTEIN.91Jul23165356@bucsf.bu.edu> you write: V> |> V> |> I desire to clear up vast confusion about the philosophy of science. V> |> People who truly understand what science is know that there is NO V> |> conflict between science and faith, of ANY kind. They occupy two V> |> completely seperate domains. Science is not about Truth; it is about V> |> UTILITY. A person's faith should neither affect nor be affected by V> |> his/her application of science. V> |> V> |> The trouble with Scientology is that it blurs the distinctions between V> |> science and religion and faith, and thereby weakens each.

V> Michael, V> What if it's true????

What if WHAT'S true? Scientology or Christianity?

Scientology: The point that I was trying to make is that whether or not the principles of Scientology are TRUE is irrelevant. My concern is with it masquerading as science when it isn't. This adds to the confusion about what science actually is. If you sell someone this stuff and tell them it's science, you're conning them, and that's wrong. The whole point of the scientific method (measurability and repeatability) is to prevent people from being conned.

Christianity: Well, if it is, then I suppose I'll find out someday... For the time being, I am an agnostic by faith and Jewish by ethnicity. But that is my own personal preference, and I don't foist it on anyone.

V> -v.goff

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