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In article <1991Jul22.182820.21673@cadence.com>, deej@cds8613.Cadence.COM (Jim Howard) writes: > In article <rob.679945595@blacks>, rob@blacks.jpl.nasa.gov (Robbie) writes: > [ ... stuff deleted ...] >> It seems to me that you emphasize the pragmatic or applied aspects >> of Scientology over the origin and underlying beliefs of the movement. >> An analogous statement from Christianity might be 'I believe that >> I ought to love my neighbor, but while Christ may have been right >> about that, I don't concern myself as to whether or not he was >> actually the only son of God incarnate.' I would like to point out >> that on a deeper theological level, there are in fact fundamental >> incompatibilities between Scientology and Christianity. Their >> resolution is problematical, but they ARE there, and it does us >> credit to acknowledge this. > > Yes, I did emphasize that Scientology provided a clear-cut > technology which could be applied to everyday life. I am also > quite content with the origin and underlying beliefs, as I > understand them. > I have found no incompatibilities between Christianity and > Scientology. Could you elucidate? >

Christ gave divinity away for free, at least compared to what Scientology charges. One *heck* of a major incompatibility, if you ask me!

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