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I think Scientology is just a bunch of confused, materialistic people who are scared at how bad off this world is getting and feel obligated to do something about it. They are doing good works just like any other organized religion and quite often, they are doing more! As far as truth is concerned, they give their members free rein to decide what they think is true. We are not gods that have the right to make up our own truths just so we can justify our actions! Christ said He is the Way and the Truth and the Light. Are we going to believe Ron L. Hubbard or God Almighty? People, God said there will be judgement on these things and it just might be right around the corner, who knows? I have received mail from someone who says I'm wasting tax payer's money by telling you this. No I'm not! Scientology will fall into tremendous corruption as will all other religious organizations that have compromised the Word of God. To all you self satified,intellectuals who have reasoned away the existance of God, you have gods that you serve whether you admit it or not! To all the Christians who read this, get it together or this mess will overtake you and it will be no one's fault but your own because you knew better. To all the strange folks that believe in grey spacemen, you have been deceived! God has made a way back and it's through Jesus Christ and not religion! I know what it's like to be lost and confused and it isn't a life worth living. The Spiritual realm is indeed the ultimate reality and there is Power in the promises of God. Is this too wonderful to accept?


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