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In article <1991Jul25.043119.2479087@locus.com> eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes: >The gross >adjustment pot. refered to above is called the Tone Arm, for >historical reasons, which needn't be explained now.

While this may not be directly related to the discussion, calling the adjustment pot the "Tone Arm" is definitely NOT historical, since Tone Level is what is being measured.

>Two descriptive definitions for the E-meter: "The E-meter is a religious >artifact used as a spiritual guide in the church confessional. It is an >aid to the auditor (minister, student, pastoral counselor) in two-way >communication locating areas of spiritual travail and indicating >spiritual well-being in an area. An electronic instrument for measuring >mental state and change of state in individuals, as an aid to precision >and speed in auditing (counseling). The E-meter is not intended or >effective for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease." >(Def 1 & 2 from the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary.)

That sounds much more like a legal disclaimer than a definition, to me. -- -- Christophe

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