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In article <1991Jul24.233541.27713@math.ufl.edu> sgc@math.ufl.edu (Scott G. Chastain) writes: >-Christianity and Scientology are not compatible. Christianity assumes > all men are by nature evil and must be saved. Scientology assumes > all men are good. You connot therefore be a true Christian Scientologist > unless you alter one or the others beliefs.

Now, I'm defending both Christianity and Scientology. Sheesh.

Christianity does not believe that men are by nature evil. What do you think Christ was here for, his health (:-)? While there are plenty of Fundamentalists who would pretend that the New Testament didn't exist (except for Paul's unpleasant letters about sex 'n' stuff), Humanity (per Christian believe) has been offered a way, via Christ, to be by nature good. I believe there are contradictions in Christian and Scientological (is that a word?) belief, but they're more subtle than that.

>-Why is all the scientology literature I have seen seem to be writen > on a high-school level. I think this is a big reason people, like > myself have trouble buying into it. Skeptical people > tend to disbelieve metterial that is so simplistic. For example > saying that man consist of four things, mind, body, being etc. This > looks like it was written in the middle ages. Western thought > finally rejected dualism, way should except this quadism.

Uh, who precisely is this arbiter of "Western thought" that threw away dualism? Can I get the Proceedings from that Conference? And how, precisely, is having Scientology documents "writen" for the high-school level an indicator of their truth? So's the _Los Angeles Times_, for that matter. And, uh, how do these=20points relate? -- -- Christophe

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