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With the various comments floating around about the "Personality Test," I think it could clear things up if anyone who is interested actually got to see one. I don't have an online version (yet), so I will make the following offer:

Anyone who would like a copy of the Personality Test can send me their name and address and I will snail-mail you one. This includes places outside the USA, although the Tests I have are English.

Assuming you want the RESULTS of the test, and aren't just curious about the questions, there are four steps here:

1) Send me your name and address. If you don't get a test within a week, then let me know via email and I'll try again (dhelrod@btr.com). 2) Take the test. 3) Return the test to an Org or Mission. The Org I work for is Mountain View Org, is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and has the following FAX number: 415/969-9241 4) Go into the Org you turned your test in at and get the evaluation.

[ I understand that some of you may be reluctant to walk into an Org. If you walk into an org and have a bad experience I ask that you send me the following (via email): Date, Time, Org and Person you talked to. As closely as possible what you were upset about, including who said or did what. I am part of the Qualifications Division at Mountain View Org. My Division is responsible for making sure that the Technology is properly applied (this is *MY* summary of what we do). If you are not a happy camper, then there is a 99% chance that some bit of the technology was NOT properly applied. If I can help track down WHAT went wrong, then the appropriate staff member can get educated as to what went wrong and hopefully won't make that mistake again. My interest is NOT to correct you, but to help correct that part of the Church that upset you. Having LOTS of happy customers is the best way to grow. ]

Until you actually purchase something (book, auditing, whatever) your name isn't added to the mailing list. You won't be flooded with mail. If you are currently on the mailing list of an Org or Mission and don't want to be, please take the time to write them a letter asking to be removed from the list. That will help both of you.

If you are really interested in what you see, I recommend that you ask to have a Tech Estimate (TE) done. This will probably involve taking an IQ test and an Aptitude test (both timed, so I can't email you these :> ).

David H. Elrod

Please respond via email to: dhelrod@btr.com I am only at my current address for a few months. The "btr" address is long term.

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