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lfreeman@phad.hsc.usc.edu (Leny Freeman) writes:

> To all Scientologists: > > This news group has been up about a week now and most of the > postings are pure garbage. Several of us have tried to explain > our religion and just ended up defending it to fools. Well, welcome to the Net-- such things are expected in such an open and democratioc environment. (Over at sci.skeptic, a lot of us skeptics have to put up with pro-paranormalists who accuse us of having closed minds and of rigid fanaticism. Happens to everyone here, really.) A section opens on, say, Christianity, and you know there'll be people who go on there to bust on the Jeezers. Can't avoid it; it's the nature of Usenet.

You may want to compile a mailinglist for Scientoogists who want to keep things among themselves, but if you're joining a newsgroup... well, it's open doors for everyone.

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