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In <8377@rex.cs.tulane.edu> goff@pops.navo.navy.mil (Viki Goff) writes:

>Did you know that you *must* decide who Christ is? Was He a madman, a >con-artist or perhaps...perhaps...He is God like He says and what >He said about life after death is true?

Did he actually say he was God? Please!!! He said he was the son of man! His fans (as in fanatics) said he was the son of God, because they wanted their Messiah to crush the roman oppression. He himself believed he was an ordinary man with a purpose in life. He discovered that after seeing how people suffered. He was exceptionnal in the sense that he chose his destiny knowing what would befall him. (References taken from "Les Grands Inities", sorry I don't know the english title or the author). (If this you doubt the credence of that book - as should be done for all books written by a human - then consider this as personnal belief).

>I go to prepare a place for you...In my Father's house there are many >mansions...

If this comes from the bible, reread my last sentence. Books written by men or women, as it is with any other type of communication, is likely to be distorted by the author's *and* the reader's subjectivity.

>This is not religion, it's faith. God given faith. >For by grace are ye saved, through faith, that not of yourselves >but it is a gift of God.

God does not give faith. You either build it up in you or else you don't have it.

>Folks, I know you will have trouble believing this, but I >see God's miracles on a daily basis. Religion is nothing!

On that I second you. Religion *is* the politics of enslaving people and making them believe they're on their way to something better even if it hurts like hell getting there. As for daily miracles, that's one way to put it.

>You know why people shun Christ? Because they cling to 'things' >they don't want to give up. A Christian is not suppose to be caught >up in the material world but many are. They will suffer for it >and think it's Gods fault. The world laughs at them...

I don't think that people shun Christ. If you don't know what it is, you can't make a choice as to believing in it or not. I say 'it' because I believe Christ is a way of living and becoming. Jesus showed his apostles what Christ using the example. He reached something (??) and once there decided it would be a good thing to show his students how to get there (again, personal beliefs!!).

>I tell you, if you have the guts to surrender to Christ and >live holy for Him, you can not imagine the joy and wonder it >will bring you. You can not imagine how much good you will >do for others and how wonderful it feels to make a difference.

It's not a question of surrendering to him or anybody else. The point is not to surrender. You make a choice and stick by it. You choose that which you're heart (or intuition) tells you is right. Didn't Jesus say that our 'temple' is within ourselves? ( I know, bible stuff may be mixed up through all the translations it suffered...).

>I'm not ashamed of this. This is reality. This is supernatural. >Forget religion, follow Christ, He said that He is the Way >the Truth and the Light and no one comes unto the Father >except by Him.

I have my vision of Christ, Jesus and all the rest. I'm not ashamed either. I'm not tormented anymore by the fact that my vision of Christianity is quite different from popular belief (yes, I used to be but I learned that feeling guilty was a product of religious brain-wash you get when you're a kid), in fact I feel good about my beliefs because they are the product of my reasoning and intuition.

>This post goes out with a prayer that you will believe that >I have seen proof of the existance of Christ Our Lord and >I have the guts to live the life so that the world will >know my sincerity.

>I know you want to believe because God has placed eternity >in the hearts of man!!


> Brian Siano, you call yourself a reverend and a philosopher, who >do you say Jesus Christ is? We are all versed in logic and >we would like to hear your most convincing argument!

> Don Allen, you write:

>After the Zeta Reticuli Greys move in along with their buddies, the Reptoid >lizard-men..I'm gone too :-) > > And you call me brain-washed...I hope you are kidding. But seriously, Don. >Convince me that Jesus is anybody other than who He says He is. You might >want to explain your post as well.

What you've learned of Jesus and Christ and what you believe is all you're own. If it brings you joy and peace, and will to live this life, then you have what you need.

I have my beliefs and though I share little of them with others (I've been said to come from another planet), since I don't consider myself as an apostle or "bearer of the Truth", I feel complete (or almost, I'm not through learning yet) and at peace with myself and life. I sometimes wish I could share them completely with others, but I have realized that they are beyond wording. Trying to make others believe in what we do will often put confusion in their minds, or the meaning might be altered in such a way that the message is lost.

Have a nice day! -- Ladislas Adamku

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