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No one yet knows why cep@Apple.COM (Christopher Pettus) said: >>Except that SPs (Suppressive Persons) are not "people" and thus not "his own >>kind" and exempt from this treatment, of course. > >Sorry, not anymore. Now, the only thing you can do is that required to >keep the SP from S-ing you, and is pretty much limited by what's in the >Creed. Still, the fact that the Church ever believed this is a pretty >strong condemnation of the problems with doctrine.

Well, I dunno about the variations from org to org, but my friend from college went down to AOLA for a while and was told to 'disconnect' from her boyfriend and family because they were suppressives. The really really hypocritical thing that bugged me the most is how they were perfectly willing to accept her father's $20,000 `donation' despite the fact that he was an SP in their books. Sure, you can rationalize it as `draining the resources of the enemy' but it just reinforces their greed in my eyes. ``You can't talk to your father, unless its to ask him when he's gonna send the check.''

Also, as an additional side note to anyone reading, the stuff in the `Drug Free Rundown' has absolutely no basis in scientific fact of any kind. Some of the claims in it are totally ludicrous, and the whole tome was little more than a ploy to get more desperate people under the Church's control. ``Once you've begun to get yourself off drugs, why not bop on down to the Friendly Neighborhood Mission and work for us, eh?''

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