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WOW this has really taken off. Well I would like to announce my presence to this group. There are large numbers of us who have left the church and have retained and expanded on the technology.

For you Scientologists, I would like to peacefully coexist, ie. you ALLOW me my view point and I will allow you yours.

For you exscientologists, I would like you to know there are a number of organizations and individuals offering clearing and training. And there are a number of breakthroughs that are not available through the church. AND all the clearing and training is cheaper and faster. We can clean up any bypassed charge you may have left over from your experience with the church.

For the rest I will be glad to share any information you would like. I was in and out, in and out of Scientology from 1966-1969. Beyond that I have had several ex sea org friends and class 8, ot 8 friends. And I have a good understanding of the technology. The technology is incredible and it works. The church doesn't work. That is primarily because like all churches it is for people who want to give up their soverignity and power and give it over to someone else.

I have tremondous respect for LRH although he did miss a few things. Actually the things he missed is what the church is dramitizing. I saw him use the word love once in all the hundreds of lectures and bulletins, and books I read from him. Do you know that you can clear large areas of your reactive mind simply by loving it?

We who are successfully operating outside the church call ourselves, independents. We even have our own magazine called The Free Spirit. And we are getting people to clear and beyond. One of the biggest trips of a church is to convince its members that they are the ONLY WAY. Well there is not any only way.

BTW if church officials get ahold of this. I have a long list of attorneys who have WON cases against The Church of Scientology. If I have any trouble what so ever I assure you I will use that list. Leave me alone.

Don Showen

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