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In article <1991Jul26.155437.736284@locus.com> eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes:

>I don't think I can give a satisfying answer to either the cost >of an e-meter or the cost of books or the size of donations. Money [...] >So, even though the e-meter originated from the basic Wheatstone >bridge, just like the ohmmeter did, with the addition of an >amplifier, rechargeable battery, recharger, digital clock, digital >control readouts, and special meter movement, it

Let's not forget the additional controls to make it read what you want.

In any case, if the device's principle is sound, then all these other things are just frills. The e-meters could be made for much less.

>is so different as to not be comparable to a $20-50 ohmmeter. >For example, call around and find out what what the quantity 1000 >price is for an injection molded plastic case, in six colors.

Again, this is (as far as I can see) totally unnecessary.

>Or see what costs are for a top line, Zero Halliburton aluminum case >with combination lock. Or, how about the cost of a 30 page,

Why do you want the lock?

Oh, right--so you can protect your investment. "Duh, George" error in line 1!

>8-1/2 by 11, high quality, full color, with pictures on most pages, >owner's manual? Or take the meter movement - 6 inch oval face with

I thought only the auditors were qualified to use the things?

If nothing else, there's the question of why you have to own one in order to be tested. Or is that not the case?

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