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In article <1991Jul26.143227.7715@math.ufl.edu> sgc@math.ufl.edu (Scott G. Chastain) writes: >I admit my point was not very clear. Let me restate. If you were to >turn in Dianetics as a Ph.D thesis I doubt it would fly; it makes >so many assumptions and leaps of reasoning. This is not necessarily >bad, perhaps the Dianetics I have read is simply the layman's >edition; in which case I would be interested in reading the more >scholarly writing of Dianetics and in which case I would retract >my complaint.

Ah. All of the research that went behind Dianetics can be found in a reference set called the "Research & Discovery Series". It's about the size of a normal set of encyclopedias. Now you can see why it's not all included in the papaerback version. :-)

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