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whatis@wookumz.gnu.ai.mit.edu (....What Is?....) writes:

>In article <14949@goofy.Apple.COM> ksand@apple.com (Kent Sandvik) writes: >>A true religion instructed to make the population of the Earth happy would >>*for free* distribute the wiring diagrams for this E-meter. Anyway >>a happy electronics hobbyist should not have problems to put this >>together.

>I wouldn't want to build my own E-Meter! If one faulty component >caused an erratic swing of the needle, which indicates an area of >flat-out insanity, I would be chasing this thread to no avail and >eventually upset my preclear. Thank you very much, but I'd rather buy >a good one and send it in for servicing every year like they >recommend.

Hell, for three grand I'd be glad to sell you an ohmmeter with a life-time guarantee - only the best parts. Also, I recommend Fluke's line of multimeters; they offer mil-spec certification yearly as well. Oh yeah, if any of you are interested, I can give you a real good deal on a bridge (brooklyn, not wheatstone).

And about the E-meter (incorrectly?) diagnosing insanity... Maybe I could open a mental institution as well and offer an instrument that measures your personal level of mental instability.. Not that it would hurt me to offer "recalibration" to make sure any inordinately high "insanity" measurements are not in "error". Hrm.. $10 per unit of "nuts" times 10,000 patients... not a bad profit margin, huh? Plus 10000% profit on each of my "nutsometers"... not to mention retail S-F book sales.

And all those reports of the insides of E-meters being el-cheapo bargain basement parts must all be rumors. Who in their right mind would want to disassemble a $3,000 piece of precision craftmanship?

And do you like it in mauve? chartreuse? 5 other designer colors, 5 year guarantee on the DuPont Imron (TM) finish. $10,000 for the deluxe edition (comes with engraved plaque of certification).

After all, business is business. -- nyet@cobalt.cco.caltech.edu nyet@aerospace.aero.org

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