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In article <14990@goofy.Apple.COM> showen@applelink.Apple.com (Don Showen) writes: >WOW this has really taken off. Well I would like to announce my >presence to this group. There are large numbers of us who have left >the church and have retained and expanded on the technology. > >For you Scientologists, I would like to peacefully coexist, ie. you >ALLOW me my view point and I will allow you yours. > >Don Showen

Well, there is freedom of speech; however, it would be ethical to also provide full disclosure. Unless I'm mistaken, the exscientologist few are in legal violation of copyright and trademark laws. I don't know if there are any legal suits pending, however. Maybe someone does.

Secondly, if anyone wishes to pursue supposed "scientology" by exscientologists they should request disclosure of the consequences from the exscientologists and from a Church registrar or ethics office. Simply stated, exscientologists and their students, will find progress on the standard Scientology program more difficult.


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