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eastin@locus.com (Dick Eastin) writes:

>In article <14990@goofy.Apple.COM> showen@applelink.Apple.com (Don Showen) writes: >>WOW this has really taken off. Well I would like to announce my >>presence to this group. There are large numbers of us who have left >>the church and have retained and expanded on the technology. >Well, there is freedom of speech; however, it would be ethical to also >provide full disclosure. Unless I'm mistaken, the exscientologist few >are in legal violation of copyright and trademark laws. I don't know >if there are any legal suits pending, however. Maybe someone does.

Are you saying you can copyright "the truth"? More importantly, are you guys trying to be like Apple Computer and make your money from lawsuits? If the technology works, as you say, and it helps people...then why not let everyone use it?

>Simply stated, exscientologists and their students, will find progress >on the standard Scientology program more difficult.

What if the ex-guys (Squirrels as you call them?) have found better ways than you? Do you guys exchange information so that the technology gets beter?

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