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Donald Lindsay asks in response to my statement >>There are large >>numbers of us who have left >>the church and have retained and >>expanded on the technology.

>I assume you don't use a Church-made e-meter? Could you tell us what >do you use, and why?

Well a number of us independents use the same meter they had when they left the church. After all after paying so much for $150. worth of parts why through it away. I use one made by a individual who redesigned the churches basic meter. It uses op amps instead. My meter was stolen by Scientology along with mailing list in LA in 1978. So I got another one. They are basically nothing but a whetstone bridge with a highly sensitive meter movement. I am still in touch with the designer, he also designed one with an automatic tone arm which I haven't used yet but have heard good reports on. The basic use is to keep the meter in a readable state so the needle activity can be easily observed, constantly making this adjustment is sometimes a pain. If there is enough interest I will check into either selling the schematic or actually building some meters and selling them for around $400. I personally only use the meter to assist others to recall their other lifetimes. I have been doing it for the last 20 years. I have done well over 500 people with 90% results. Although I don't always use the meter the technique works almost equally well without the meter. But the meter does help with, how should I say it, difficult cases, those who do not trust their mind.

Don Showen

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