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No one yet knows why schli@cs.tu-berlin.de (Wolfram Schlickenrieder) said: >There are 'classes' held by (presumably) scientologists, of which the >attendants are made to believe that they will be (sort of) trained (in >whatsoever subject and/or (mental?) abilities), which cost as much as >150.000$ (the one I herad of is 265.000 german marks). >Please confirm. If so, then please -if anyone dares- explain why.

My friend's father is taking the Key To Life series of classes, and it's going to cost him somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000 when he's finished. I asked my friend why he didn't just take the money and buy a Porsche or something. She told me that after he took the class, he'll be in such Total Control of his life that he'll be able to Create The Opportunities to GET that much money AND MORE with minimal effort. I said it seemed like a waste of time to me, just go out and spend the $25K and never mind filling Scientology's coffers. This didn't go down too well as she and her father are both pretty heavily into it. It's scary trying to debate issues with them; they subscribe wholeheartedly to the "attack, never defend" principle as laid down by Hubbard. In a nutshell it says never to respond to attacks on your beliefs, but rather attempt to smear the source of the information or discredit the person spouting it. So if I were to say that I read in Foobar Magazine that Scientologists are all turned into raving psychotics by brainwashing techniques, the Scientologists would first say, "oh well, did you know that Foobar is run by the ZikZak corporation who offer a competing service? You can't believe what they say, they have a conflict of interests." Take this tactic to the logical extremes and you've got the Scientologists debating principle.

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