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In article <1991Jul30.202312.32439@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu>, mauler@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes: > Heck, *I* could build a decent Wheatstone bridge ohmmeter (which is, I presume, > the electronics involved in an E-meter), pop it in a fancy case, and offer free > parts and labor for the next 5 years for $200. Does Scientology allow for 100% > compatible E-meter clones? I could start production on perfectly-sound > Z-Meters next week!

You know, there's a market window out there! I guess Sony could do small transportable ones, with a 32-memory setting, programmatic levels, LED indicators, small serial port for downloading to a PC, online help, on-board testing, and lots of other small features for less than 100$. And then they could start selling "My first E-meter" versions, and "Beach E-meters" later...


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