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In article <1991Jul30.201224.32437@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu> mauler@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu writes:

>> Do you really think that if there was any merit to this 'visualization' >> technique, it would not already have become widely accepted?

>It is currently being used, it has not gained wide favor because it has not >been "scientifically" proven, and since it is a "whatever" force, it probably >never will be. The whole process is simply another method of trying to cure a

Don't you see this as a problem? If it can't be proven, maybe, just maybe it's not true.

>you speak of. Perhaps another paranormal force took his or her life, since

Oh, good. Next you'll be telling us it was a curse.

>there always seems to be a "time to go." It doesn't really help any to >squabble with me over the effectiveness, since it works occasionally--and >nothing else in cancer treatment has anything BETTER than *occasionally* for

Yes, and occasionally cancers just go into remission. Do you have any evidence that this process works any better than waiting for that?

>>> "ki", "chi", etc., extended beyond the physical body). >> >> In the Western World, we call this force: "body odor".

>Doesn't cut it. Body odor only leaves bruises on the inner nose and throat, >not on the outer body...

Not necessarily. Excessive body odor has been known to cause bruises on the person emitting it. :-)

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