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I once did the "100 questions test" when I lived in Amsterdam. From the result of my test they told me that I was very depressed... However, for a few hundered box they would gladly help with my problems... In their effort to convince me they told me that Albert Einstein was one of the very first scientologists and they even had a picture of him in one of their brouchures. I find it very annoying that scientologists use Einstein in their advertisement, since I know that it would have made him very sad. It also shows lack of respect to his relatives, friends, students and colleagues. I agree that Einstein was a great scientist and personality. He is also well worth the admiration from you scientologists but I know he would have hated the filosophy of your organization. By the way, Einstein did not become the person he was with help of any expensive courses and I dont think you will get anyway near that level in your courses! I strongly recommend you to stop using Einsteins name in your business!

I also have a question that I would like you to respond on. In Sweden there was a lot about scientology in the papers about two years ago. People had taken loans for several tens of thousand dollars to be able to pay the courses. So, my question is: Where the heck do all the money go?? Why are your books much more expensive than other books in the world? (the editions are enormous, even in Swedish) On what level do you have to be to get payed for what you do in the organization(I suppose the people working in your "churches" only do it to afford another course) ?



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