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In article <1991Aug2.071725.11789@parc.xerox.com>, lachman@parc.xerox.com (Hans Lachman) writes:

> OK, so we have established the following: > > 1. You don't want to admit that your scenario of rich people and poor > people spending equal amounts per year is unrealistic. >

It is not totally unrealistic, it is just that everyone spends basically the same on food and shelter (including clothes in shelter and water in food). The amount left over for LUXURIES is less for the poor person than for the rich person when its all over, because of the sales tax which they both paid the exact same amount of. Luxury items do not solely cover cars, boats, summer homes, etc., they cover the quality of the subsistence items bought as well. With an income tax based on size of income, everyone can afford basically the same standard of living. With a sales tax, the poor guy has to live in substandard housing, eat generics, and wear secondhand stuff. The rich guy under a sales tax can still afford the big house, French chefs, and current fashions, just because he paid less on his total income than the poor guy did.

> 2a. You would rather passively accept a situation you don't like than > work toward (or even consider) a possible change for the better.

I would rather accept a situation in which everyone is treated fairly, than a situation in which everyone seems to be treated the same, but are in fact treated unfairly (see above). I never said I didn't like income tax, only that I didn't like an increased sales tax.

You're beginning to sound like the stereotype of a Scientology personality test, in which whatever I answer I'm still "sick."

> > 2b. You would rather curse the darkness than light a candle. >

I am not cursing the darkness, I am cursing the wind that you would like to blow out the current lit candle with (to continue your analogy).

> Is this correct (or approximately correct)? > Hell no!

> Hans Lachman > lachman@arisia.xerox.com


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