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In article <14031@pt.cs.cmu.edu> lindsay+@cs.cmu.edu (Donald Lindsay) writes: > ... In 1952, after an organizational rift, >Hubbard left the Dianetic Foundation, and soon advertised his new >advance on Dianetics, Scientology."

What ever happened to the Dianetic Foundation? It sounds like the Dianetic Foundation, if it still exists, offers an alternative to the Church of Scientology for those who are interested in learning about recent/advanced developments in Dianetics (i.e. beyond the book by LRH).

the dianetic foundation was sold back to hubbard in the late 50's/early 60's... oops... make that 1954. it seems purcell gave up the fight and sold/gave the copyrights and mailing lists back to hubbard so he could devote his time to sworking on synergetics, an offshoot of dianetics.



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