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lots of gibberish about income tax and sales tax... one problem with killing the income tax in favor of sales tax. large items. or more specifically large necessary items. houses, cars, etc.

for the poor man the purchase of a house is a 'major' investment. a poor man is going to spend many years paying off that house, along with the substantial tax (which you advocate increasing). while on the other hand a rich man can take care of the house and the tax without much of a problem.

if you don't tax the large items then you have the previously mentioned problems of tax dodging.

when would the tax on large items get paid anyway? at the time of purchase (i believe this is the current system... at least it is with cars), or as part of the payment plan?

it seems like this system, if it taxed all items, would reduce the poor man to renting all his life. not a desirable effect in my opinon.



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