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The FREE SPIRIT MAGAZINE is published quarterly by the Council for Spiritual Integrity, and is the world-wide forum for people with an interest in scientological research and procedures independent of the Church of Scientology. These procedures variously include handling and reduction of traumatic incidents, stress , limiting beliefs, entities, off-planet issues, past lives and channeling. Not all subscribers are interested in all of these subjects, but they are presented in this magazine from a unique viewpoint of practical applicationQmeaning that they are addressed with reference to how they fit into a person's own path for self-realization.

The stated purpose of the FREE SPIRIT is: To promote religious freedom, truth, free interchange of ideas, tolerance of other viewpoints, granting of beingness, and a sharing of realities to bring about a higher level of survival on this planet.

Also addressed are legal issues with organizations who try to limit independent involvement in these activities by free individuals, under the various guises of proprietary ownership of the technologies, protecting people from themselves, etc.

If you would like to subscribe to the FREE SPIRIT, send your name and mailing address along with a check for $15.00 (U.S. only please) to Free Spirit, P.O. Box 6772, Santa Rosa, CA 95406. The next issue is due to come out mid-September. [We occasionally send out free "sample" copies, when our current short supply permits. Send requests to the above address, or by EMAIL.]

BTW, the FREE SPIRIT has its own BBS. Call 415 485-1868 and request validation.

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